MAC Lipstick Wish List

MAC Lipstick Wish List


IKEA Dressing Room – Wishlist

IKEA Dressing Room - Wishlist


I’m home…

Had a great time away.

I only managed to get into the MAC Pro Store whilst in Canada and got a haul of shadows that I have seen on YouTube and lusting over but haven’t found them in the UK. I did want to get into the Sephora store, but was not meant to be, I will leave that until November, when I am off to Paris with the girls.

Reviews and swatches to follow…


Holiday time!

Hi Beauty Lover,

Well the time has come for me to disappear for a couple of weeks.

My Hubby and I are off to Canada for a couple of weeks touring around the west coast of Canada and I am super excited.

I have already found out where the local MAC Pro store and Sephora is so there will be definitely a haul or two to share with you on my return.

If you have any suggestions on places to go or eat at in Vancouver, Banff or Jasper, I would be very grateful :)

See you in a couple of weeks

Paula xx

The next age bracket!

Oh the horror! (as Sheldon from Big Bang theory would say!)

I recently did a skin care profile for a brand that I hadn’t use before, as I wanted to see what products they would recommend for me.

One of the questions was that I had to select the age bracket that I currently am at and now that I have reached the big 4 0  this year, that made me into the next age range *cries uncontrollably*.

It suggested that I am now in the “mature skin care range” and I should seek items with specific anti-ageing properties in them.

Wrinkly Prune

Me without Anti-Aging products

Well I have to admit, my skin hasn’t changed in the last month, still getting the usual oily t-zone. So my question is, do I now opt for “Mature” skin care, anti-ageing products etc or stick to items that are specific to my normal/combination skin?

Is anti-ageing products any different to regular products, just marketed for an older man/woman?

Obviously, I don’t want to go against what I should be using, as I don’t want to suddenly become a wrinkly old prune over night :)

So, if you are classed as mature, what skin care do you follow, what your face is telling you at the time or to stop any wrinkles happening in the future?

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