J’adore My Eyeshadow Consultant

When I first started getting into makeup and eye shadows, the thing that daunted me the most was pairing eye shadows, as I found it difficult to know which worked well with other colours, so to play it safe, I just stuck to the same one colour for years, which was MAC Sable.

Then once I started getting into watching YouTube and seeing all these amazing makeup artists and beauty bloggers, and they were using lovely colours that I could only dream of wearing, and that is when I found Zabrena at myeyeshadowconsultant.com, and I haven’t looked back since.

Zabrena who runs the site has an incredible knowledge of what colours blend beautifully together and has pictures showing how they look, so it was totally fool-proof for me.

On myeyeshadowconsultant.com you can also choose to become a member for either a monthly fee of $4.95 or yearly $19.95/Year (PayPal) or $29.95/Year (Credit Card), bargain for the yearly amount via PayPal that’s about one MAC eyeshadow (but be warned, it does get addictive purchasing colours to suit the looks Zabrena has put together :) ).

With that bargainous membership you get access to over 1000+ pictures of different looks that Zabrena has put together using products from MAC, Urban Decay, LORAC, Stila, The Balm and more.  There is also a great members only forum with people from around the world, me included ;).

This website has really opened up the use of colour and knowing what suits me and what definitely doesn’t!

* There is no affiliation with myeyeshadowconsultant.com, I just love it :)



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