Purple Power

Hello Beauty Lover!,

I have been loving the looks that I have seen on Heather Davern Makeup blog, especially the purple’s.  So decided I needed some purples in my life!

After a quick look on my favourite site myeyeshadowconsultant.com to see what blends well together, I settled for MAC’s Seedy Pearl, Plum Dressing and Nocturnelle, unfortunately, they had run out of Seedy Pearl, so the lovely MAC MUA suggested Yogurt as a close alternative.

Aren’t they pretty?!

(L-R) Yogurt. Plum Dressing. Nocturnelle

(L-R) MAC Yogurt. MAC Plum Dressing, MAC Nocturnelle

(L-R) MAC Yogurt, MAC Plum Dressing, MAC Nocturnelle)

(L-R) MAC Yogurt, MAC Plum Dressing, MAC Nocturnelle

Swatches on NW20 skin (L-R) MAC Yogurt, MAC Plum Dressing, MAC Nocturnelle

Swatches on NW20 skin (L-R) MAC Yogurt, MAC Plum Dressing, MAC Nocturnelle

I promise you they are the same shadow’s!  It’s amazing how different they look once swatched, but bear in mind that when I swatched them,  it was a lovely grey day in UK and I didn’t use any primer to fix.

MAC Yogurt – This is a soft matt pale pink shade. Does take a little building to get it to show, but is a lovely shade and great for blending out other purples and pinks!.

MAC Plum Dressing – This is a beautiful purply-plum-pink shade, and in the MAC veluxe pearl finish, so not too matt and not too shimmery.  This is easily buildable and blendable with a nice smooth texture.

MAC Nocturnelle – This is a  MAC Frost finish and MAC’s definition is pinked-up chrome purple and that’s exactly what it is.  It builds nicely for a smokey eye and works with lots of different colour, such as browns, blues and silvers.

With all of these shades, there is not too much fallout, which is always good :)

What are your favourite purple shades?

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J’adore My Eyeshadow Consultant

When I first started getting into makeup and eye shadows, the thing that daunted me the most was pairing eye shadows, as I found it difficult to know which worked well with other colours, so to play it safe, I just stuck to the same one colour for years, which was MAC Sable.

Then once I started getting into watching YouTube and seeing all these amazing makeup artists and beauty bloggers, and they were using lovely colours that I could only dream of wearing, and that is when I found Zabrena at myeyeshadowconsultant.com, and I haven’t looked back since.

Zabrena who runs the site has an incredible knowledge of what colours blend beautifully together and has pictures showing how they look, so it was totally fool-proof for me.

On myeyeshadowconsultant.com you can also choose to become a member for either a monthly fee of $4.95 or yearly $19.95/Year (PayPal) or $29.95/Year (Credit Card), bargain for the yearly amount via PayPal that’s about one MAC eyeshadow (but be warned, it does get addictive purchasing colours to suit the looks Zabrena has put together :) ).

With that bargainous membership you get access to over 1000+ pictures of different looks that Zabrena has put together using products from MAC, Urban Decay, LORAC, Stila, The Balm and more.  There is also a great members only forum with people from around the world, me included ;).

This website has really opened up the use of colour and knowing what suits me and what definitely doesn’t!

* There is no affiliation with myeyeshadowconsultant.com, I just love it :)



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MAC Creme Cup – Cremesheen Lipstick

Hey all,

This is my second lipstick from MAC (also I feel not the last either!) My first was MAC Russian Red.  This is a very popular colour in the MAC cremesheen range.

This is such a super gorgeous neutral light pink colour with blue undertones and suits my pale skin, although on swatches I have seen on the internet, it does look like it suits different skin tones too.

It glides onto the lips beautifully almost like a balm texture and smells lovely too, very sweet like cookies (must try not to eat it!).

My only con to this lipstick although it’s a cremesheen lipstick if you have dry lips then this does like to settle into any cracks or dry bits so keep your lips exfoliated and hydrated and you will have no problems.

MAC Creme Cup

The pigmentation on the MAC Creme Cup is good and lasts on my lips for about 2 hours, so not long lasting but has a nice slightly glossy sheen too, so if you don’t mind reapplying I would highly recommend this lipstick

MAC Creme Cup

Do you own Creme Cup? what are you thoughts about it?



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The next age bracket!

Oh the horror! (as Sheldon from Big Bang theory would say!)

I recently did a skin care profile for a brand that I hadn’t use before, as I wanted to see what products they would recommend for me.

One of the questions was that I had to select the age bracket that I currently am at and now that I have reached the big 4 0  this year, that made me into the next age range *cries uncontrollably*.

It suggested that I am now in the “mature skin care range” and I should seek items with specific anti-ageing properties in them.

Wrinkly Prune

Me without Anti-Aging products

Well I have to admit, my skin hasn’t changed in the last month, still getting the usual oily t-zone. So my question is, do I now opt for “Mature” skin care, anti-ageing products etc or stick to items that are specific to my normal/combination skin?

Is anti-ageing products any different to regular products, just marketed for an older man/woman?

Obviously, I don’t want to go against what I should be using, as I don’t want to suddenly become a wrinkly old prune over night :)

So, if you are classed as mature, what skin care do you follow, what your face is telling you at the time or to stop any wrinkles happening in the future?

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Free REN kit with RED Magazine

Thank you Anna of My Beauty Boudoir for alerting me to the August copy of Red Magazine with a free REN kit.

So I hot footed it down to my local W H Smith’s and got the last copy on the shelf *phew*.

I have wanted to try out some REN products for a while now as they have such great reviews and this felt like a good start to try them.

In the kit you get:

REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel 15ml – A rose infused facial cleansing gel for nomal skin.

REN Vita-Mineral day cream 10ml – which is for normal skin and hydrates the skin to keep it looking beautifully healthy, energised and radiant (I like the sound of that :))

REN Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream 3ml – Which helps to combat the signs of premature aging (always in need of that!)

The great thing with REN is that they do not use any synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ingredients and parabens.  They also show the ingredients that go into every product on their website REN Clean Skincare. Well done REN!.

Free REN Kit

I had a little sneaky sniff of each product and they smell gorgeous, with the scent of natural essential oils. Yum!

Do you use REN products, what are your favourites?


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L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Face Mist

I was looking for a hydrating facial spray to finish my cleansing routine after trying to follow the routine suggested by Caroline Hirons.

So whilst going through all my blogs I love to read on Bloglovin (love, love, love that site!), I got to a post by Jane Cunningham at  a British Beauty Blogger about the l’Occitane Angelica face mist.

Well, it seemed that this is what I was looking for, so promptly purchased it at my local L’Occitane store.  This is my first purchase of L’Occitane’s products, and after using this I don’t think it’s going to be my last!

L'Occitane Angelica Hydrating Facial Mist

The spray is a very fine mist and you only need a quick spray to cover the entire face, neck and decolletage. It soaks in after a few moments, so that you can then apply your moisturiser etc on top.  It is quite cooling when first sprayed, but I wanted it more for the hydrating properties than the cooling.

I have also wanted to see what it would be like to use on top of my makeup and it add’s a slightly dewy look, and definitely freshened up my skin.

The scent is light floral/botanical but not over powering.  I would definitely recommend this spray for anyone looking for a hydrating mist.

This can be purchased online at L’Occitane £10.00 for 50ml. *Bargain*

What is your favourite hydrating spray’s?


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