Sigma Brushes

After lusting over the Sigma Brushes, that I had seen so many YouTube bloggers talk about, I decided to try and get some.

I know not a lot of places supply these as they are an American brand and not so easily available over here in the UK, but I found Beauty Chamber on the web and they had a great selection of the brushes available and other products.

Sigma Brushes

I purchased the following brushes:

  • E25 Sigma blending brush (MAC 217 dupe) – £9.95
  • E30 Sigma pencil brush (MAC 219 dupe) – £8.50
  • E45 Sigma small tapered blending brush (slightly smaller than the MAC 224) – £9.95
  • E50 Sigma large flush brush (MAC 227 dupe) – £8.95
  • E75 Sigma concealer brush (MAC 195 dupe) – £7.95
  • F80 Sigma flat top kabuki brush (Oh my god! this is the best foundation brush ever!!!!!!!) – £15.75

I’ve had them now for about 6 weeks and have used them all regularly and cleaned them thoroughly, and so far have not lost any bristles (not sure the technical name ;)) or shape.

These are significantly cheaper than MAC brushes and so far of comparable quality and love using them for my makeup

To purchase these brushes go to Beauty Chamber – the only charge £2.99 for P & P and also post internationally too, so what are you waiting for!

Do you have any Sigma brushes? what are your favourites?

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5 thoughts on “Sigma Brushes

  1. The F80 changed my life, lol! I also really like the E45… it’s like an exact dupe for a limited edition brush that MAC used to have that I foolishly didn’t purchase — the 226 I think. Lovely review, and I’m pleased to see that you’ve started blogging ;)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

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